Welcome to ZillaThemes Privacy Policy

  1. Welcome to ZillaThemes’ privacy policy which applies to everyone including individual developers and companies. These rules apply how we take care of your personal information if you happen to be a user or a visitor.
  2. When we use term “We”, “us” or “ZillaThemes” it means who we are, own and run this site.
  3. When we refer ‘policy’ it means this Privacy Policy we are mentioning and the same way when we refer ‘user terms’ that means we are mentioning the rules that need to be followed to use ZillaThemes. The rules are different for each theme/template that need to be followed and understood.

What Type Of Personal Information Do We Collect When You Use Our Site

  1. You know all sites collect some information about their users so do we.
  2. Some of information that we collect about our users is like: User Names, Email Addresses, IP Addresses, Browser Information, Comments and Payment Information like the payment service they have used, transaction data and support queries pertaining to them. The contents (if you provide any such as comments, descriptions or testimonials) to be placed.

How Do We Collect Personal Information

  1. We collect personal information when you provide it to us by your will, as someone navigates our site or the services/sites you use that are affiliated to our site.
  2. When you fill registration forms we have to store data for records, buy or provide items to our site, subscribe to us, submit feedback, participate in contests/surveys or write to us.

The Personal information We Receive From Others

  1. In particular we get personal information directly from you but we also receive categorical information from several other sources:
    1. The transaction details by the payment gateways in the U.S., the UK, Europe or Australia.
    2. The information we also receive from the third parties including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn they may provide us details when you link, connect or sign up from there. This information varies a great deal according to their Terms & Conditions.
    3. The other third parties or third party sources that we get information is limited to the extent their Laws permit like fraud/scam detection, demographical data to be combined to the details we have. For example to prevent identity theft or intellectual property theft the warnings about frauds are provided by such service providers. We also receive information from the forums where you share your experiences, activities and ZillaThemes partners about your experiences, contributions and interactions. We get verification information from the third parties about your digital rights such as if your image or a digital property has been used illegally in one of our products.

How Your Information is Used

  1. Your personal information is used as:
    1. For completing a contract or for taking steps to meet the contract prerequisites such as for processing the transaction taking place on our site as your make a purchase on our site.
    2. These interests include Wherever it is required for ours or the third parties’ legitimate interests such as:
      1. For accessing certain sites
      2. When you require services mentioned on the sites
      3. For your verification when you desire to sing in on our sites in order to support tickets to help resolve a dispute/disputes
      4. providing you complete operational news/changes regarding the products or generally to inform or update you about our sites
      5. For providing you right services the technical analysis are carried out.
      6. For regulating and monitoring our sites to prevent digital frauds or for the adherence to our Terms&COs.
      7. In order to keep a lasting relationship with you such as by replying to your queries, comments and complaints submitted to our sites for the either side’s feedbacks, surveys
      8. In order to regulate the legal and operational matters properly that includes controlling risks to contents, products and monitor loopholes that could lead to digital theft or fraud.
      9. In order to make sure to provide you the right and better services and improving them
      10. For regular administrative activities and proper functioning
      11. In order to complete your job applications with ZillaThemes
    3. When you give us confirmation to:
      1. To provide you needful details about marketing of products which seem useful or may interest you
      2. For customizing our products/services/websites e.g. how the ads should appear, using cookies etc. or in order to provide you greater personal experience.
    4. In order to fulfill the requirements demanded by law
    5. In order to fulfill the Government/Legal requests by the court of law, law enforcement agencies/authorities to conduct an inquiry.

Who Do We Might Disclose Your Information To If Needed:

  1. We may disclose your information if needed to:
    1. The websites or companies ZillaThemes is a partner with in the Australia, U.K. or the USA.
    2. If needed/required by the authors/owners of the products/items provided to you for license validation or formal procedures who might hail to any of the countries where to/from the services are offered/purchased.
    3. Certain service vendors or subcontractors who might be assisting us in the methods we use personal data (as mentioned above); particularly the website hosting companies located on the said locations, technical support teams located in the USA, UK, Europe or Australia; recruiters from the same countries for verification; marketing and analytics services operating in the USA, Subscription Management Companies/Services, Fraud Prevention & Detection services located in the USA and the UK, identity verification services from the UK or tooling services for operations from the US. It should be noted that service providers/subcontractors may also acquire the same information from the other sources, websites, countries where they are operating as well.
    4. The professional advisers who are working with us for good be that a lawyer, accountant, financial adviser etc. located in the UK or the USA.
    5. Regulating, Monitoring and Controlling government authorities to follow the compliant procedures with us
    6. A company/website/individual/service providers who purchases a part or all of our assets or business and their professional partners/advisers
    7. The third party/parties for responding to criminal investigation requests or suspicious/alleged illegal activities
    8. The third parties for enforcing or defending our rights, for addressing financial/reputation risks
    9. A DMCA infringement inquiry or digital property rights holder claims investigation
    10. When we are required by the law or investigation agencies located in the USA or the UK.

Where we store your data and how it is safely used when needed

  1. We operate from the UK and the USA in the same scenario your data is processed in the UK and USA and the recipient (as mentioned above in clause 10) whom we may disclose your personal information to such as the requests made by the law for investigations and inquiries in places like Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania, UK, and the US. When you give your consent to this policy only then we do this. We take great care of your to protect your personal information while working with subcontractors/companies/service providers who assure the maintenance and acceptance of standards of data security compliance.

How We Secure Users’ Personal Information

  1. The personal information of visitors/users is stored on secure servers whose security is assured by us and our service providers and if the hard copies are acquired they are kept in secure locations in the UK and the USA. The users’ information that we receive or store is secured by the security and access control teams such as usernames, passwords, authentication and verification, two-factor authentication and encrypted data.

How the users can access their personal information

  1. The users can access their personal information by logging into their accounts. They also reserve the right to request the access of their other personal information that we store about you and they can also request corrections if any errors are in the data. The user can also close their accounts with us if they want to at any time. For accessing and correction requests use the contact us form.

Marketing Opportunities as Per Your Personal Information

  1. Not until you have consented for so for example if you are subscribed with consent for our email lists or have indicated to receive good offers or details from us then we could send you marketing communication emails about new products/items or updates about the existing ones that we feel might be worthy of your attention. You can unsubscribe to them any moment you feel you don’t want to receive any such information.
  2. You can also set cookies according to your choosing (as mentioned below in detail) by changing your browser settings that you are notified prior about the acceptance. However, if you select to reject all cookies, some parts or items of the website might not work properly.

Cookies and web analytics

  1. For a complete insight how we or other websites use cookies use this link http://www.allaboutcookies.org but if you want to know he use cookies, web beacons and similar others see our cookies policy.
  2. When a user visits our sites there is some information which is saved anonymously which does not reveal any details about the users. However, while logged into user accounts a portion of user’s information might be about his identity. See below the type of information we are talking about;
    1. User’s IP address or proxy server IP address if he is using one;
    2. The domain name requested by a user
    3. The name of a user’s internet service provider is occasionally stored depending on the configuration of his ISP connection
    4. The date and time of user’s visit to our websites
    5. The time-length of user’s session
    6. The pages a user has accessed
    7. The number of times a user has accessed our site
    8. The file URL a user looked at and related information
    9. The other domains/websites which referred a user to our Site
    10. The operating system which user’s computer uses
    11. The technical capabilities of a user’s web browser that he used to access our sites

The Right Age to Access Our Site/Parental Guidance

  1. This site is not suitable for children under 16, so if a user is under 16 years of age we request him NOT to give us any of his information. Even if a user is a teen tech he must request the nearest responsible adult to use the site for him. However, if a user is 16 or between 16-to-18 years of age he should request a parent or a guardian for registering with our site. The responsibility is solely of the parents/guardian to monitor the kids while they access our site/sites.

Making Your Own Information Public or Giving It To Other Users Who Browse Our Site/Sites

  1. If a user makes his personal information accessible to other users/individuals we are not liable to bear the responsibility the way they might manage a user’s personal information. There are several ways a user can secure his personal information. For instance while making a comment or starting forum thread he should use social media accounts or contact the author or even a third party via our support or vial email. A user must take grave measures while making his personal information public or giving it to anyone. However, if a user is giving other users information about himself through our sites he must ask him/them how they will handle his information.

How Long We Might Keep Information About Users

  1. The information we retain will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We keep users personal information as long as it is essential to provide them with better services and also to comply with our legal conditions. If a user does not want us to to use his personal information he can request us to erase his data and close his account with us. But the users should also note that if the erasure of personal information is requested by them we could retain the information from deleted accounts for legal business procedures and interests for law, fraud, scam avoidance, to collect dues/fees, resolve disputes, resolve problems, assist investigators or to fulfill government requests, court of law, Law enforcement authorities, enforce the terms of service and take several actions requested/permitted by the law.

When Do We Update This Privacy Policy

  1. We will keep updating and changing if needed, this policy time-to-time to make sure its adherence to modern laws as per legal requirements.
  2. Whenever we will change this policy, every registered user will be notified about the changes. A detailed information copy of the updated version will always be accessible here.

How A User Can Contact Us

  1. If any user has any queries regarding our privacy policy and how we handle his personal information, he can always contact us using our ‘Contact Us’ form.
  2. We happily greet you over making to the end of our Privacy Policy details because reading about how we store and use your personal information is very necessary for using our services.

The European Union Users

  1. In order to comply with the applicable EU data protection law including “GDPR” the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 we are servince as ‘data controller’ of users personal information.

How you can access your personal information

  1. A user can request us to port out his personal information such as to transfer it in a well structured format for machine-reading purpose or to erase/restrict it while it is in the process. A user is also eligible to object to any/some/all/part of processing which is based on our rightful interests e.g. the profiling system that we commence for marketing purpose, where we ask users to show their consent for data processing or to withdraw their consent like unsubscribing to our services.
  2. However, the rights of users/services are also limited in some ways like when we are required to fulfill a legal requirement where the user cannot ask us to stop the personal information process. So in some cases like this, we have to retain some of your personal information for legal issues required by the law even if you have withdrawn your subscription.
  3. When we are supposed to retain your personal for legal contracts or obligations where the provision of such data is compulsory. In absence of a user’s personal data in situations like this we would not be able to continue our contractual relationship with users or to meet the legal procedures required by law. In any other case the request for personal information by the users is optional.
  4. When a user feels his concerns are unresolved he retains the right to complain to the data protection authorities. However, that data protection authority has to be the rightful digital data protection authority of the country (i) of user’s habitual residence (ii) of user’s place of work (iii) in which the user feels the alleged infringement has occurred.

Our Privacy Policy has used terms Personal Data and Personal Information both bear the same meaning in the context of it

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